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Tattoos are an artistic form of emotion and memory, often going deeper than being just a non-erasable ink on the skin. They hence require 100% precision, the best of the best talent, and the true essence of discovering what customers are looking for. All of which we have mastered, over the past 15+ years.

At Irezumi, we believe less in selling designs and more in creating experiences that define your first tattooing journey. This is our secret sauce and an important reason behind why many of our customers trust us and keep coming back.

We have traveled the world to bring you some of the best tattooing equipment, microblading techniques, inks, and hygiene practices that go beyond the usual towards bringing designs to life. We also house some of the best tattoo artists in India who constantly compete and validate themselves with international certifications – the driving force behind our very own Tattoo Academy. What’s the use of gaining knowledge, if you do not know how to impart it? Welcome to a tattoo studio that defines endless possibilities. Welcome to Irezumi.

Internationally Certified
Thailand Tattoo School, Hua Hin

Naveen kumar - Irezumi Tattoo Studio Chennai
I started Irezumi in 2006 with a very different perspective to tattooing. Having travelled widely around the world, it wasn’t hard for me to observe that tattoo studios outside India had a dark and dingy aura surrounding them. To many people, that is also the picture that’s created in their mind when they think about a tattooing studio or parlour. My idea was to refresh this stigma by making the art of tattooing more human and approachable. This is also why Irezumi is always well lit, clean, and organized, influencing 100s of other tattoo studios to follow this path, across the country. We have always kept up with the latest trends and equipment, constantly learning new ways to improve our tattooing techniques. Irezumi has also been very generous about imparting knowledge. Our doors have always welcomed artists, apprentices, and students from all over the world, many of whom have become independently successful.”

– Naveen Kumar (Founder, Irezumi Tattoo Studio)

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Salzburg Square, 107, Harrington Rd, Chetpet,
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Unit A, Groud floor, Plot No. A10, Thiruvanmiyur Extension Scheme, 1st Avenue Road, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Thiruvanmiyur,
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